Developing leadership capability & improving company performance

Executive coaching & professional development

We work with company and business leaders as well as professionals to develop their self-awareness to improve their capability and effectiveness. We can also help you to improve your leadership and management abilities and effectiveness as part of your personal CPD plan.

Consultancy services

We work with companies  to assess and develop their business systems to be efficient so as to maximise the potential of your resources.
Helping you achieve success

Unlock you or your team’s full potential.

Insight can provide expert executive coaching and training supported by world class psychometric instruments. Helping you achieve personal and professional success by developing personal Insight and supporting you to take action to achieve career success.

Our work provides and improves self-awareness

The methods we use enable clients to move forwards and improve themselves

Our approach produces great results for a cost effective investment

Leadership development & training

We can provide effective coaching interventions supported with world class psychometric instruments that will provide you or your leaders with an incredible amount of personal Insight into themselves as a leaders and managers.

Professional development

If you are looking to develop yourself professionally or wish to secure your next big career move, we can help you. Our executive coaching will help us improve your skill set to enable you to secure that position you seek.

Health & life style improvement

Insight can provide coaching support to help you with lifestyle change too, as our programmes can help you develop personal skills such as confidence, or develop habit changes that could help with stress management or health improvement.

Systems analysis & redesign

Our consultancy services can assist you to understand if your business systems are really performing as they are intended. If they are not, we can then work with you to redesign your systems to make them more efficient, so as to maximise your company resources and improve profits.


How can we help?

  • Our interventions can help business leaders improve their leadership and that of their managers.
  • We can work with individuals to improve their personal effectiveness at work or help them secure that next career move.
  • We can work with people who wish to make lifestyle changes unconnected with work.
  • Our consultancy services are effective in locating wasted resources and improving capacity or profits.
What is executive coaching?
A professional partnership between a qualified coach and a client, to enable the client to achieve their professional or life outcomes. “Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them learn rather than teaching them”. (Whitmore, J, 2004).
How can coaching help me be a better leader?
Coaching helps a professional realise personal insight into their behaviours and thoughts. This self-awareness provides them with a choice about changing. A coach will help and support them to take action to achieve their outcomes whilst developing their self-awareness.
What is mental toughness?
Mental Toughness is how effectively a person copes with stress, pressure & challenge. It is related to personal qualities such as character, resilience and grit.
What makes the psychometric tools we use so effective?
We partner with a global leader in the provision of research proven instruments that provide deep insight into a person’s leadership qualities. They measure how people think rather than unlike most measures that examine behaviours and attitudes.
What return will I get for investing in a coaching intervention programme and how will it improve my company performance?
Research clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of coaching and return on investment in interventions producing more effective and successful leaders as a result.

About Insight

Insight are an executive coaching consultancy that specialise in improving the effectiveness of leaders and managers. We are also specialists in the use of psychometric instruments and in particular in the field of Mental Toughness.

 Our consultancy services provide specialist support to companies and small businesses to review and rebuild their business processes to make them more efficient, effective and profitable.


The coaching by Raymond has changed my whole outlook on life not just professionally but within all aspects of my life!

Secondary School Senior Manager

Raymond Smith has been an excellent coach. He has been supportive and insightful, I would recommend him as a coach.

Deputy Director NHS

My experience with my coach has been fantastic!  Very very authentic individual.

Senior Manager Emergency Services

Raymond helped me realise what was important in a very challenging period in my life and career, for this I will always be grateful.

Information Technology Professional

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